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The Timber Frame module would generally be used to “trace” over an existing CAD design. This can either be a drawing created in Drawing Express or imported from another system via “DXF” or “DWG” format. Firstly, the walls are drawn and then features such as doors, windows and chimneys are added using automatic commands. Specific timber features are then positioned, such as point loads, RSJ’s, and panel vents. At this early stage the panel joints can be seen on the plan. This allows them to be moved to facilitate a better design or better panel optimisation. All of the panels are then created fully automatically, however you have the final say. Every panel can be changed as required. You can move, add, or remove a single stud, or completely re-stud and re-ply the whole panel. All changes are of course reflected in the cutting lists. This same flexible approach is applied to floor cassettes as well as splay walls.
Drawing Express Timber Floor Cassette Plan Example
Automatic Cutting Lists

Individual cutting lists are created for each panel and automatically added to the panel drawing. Timber sizes reflect any changes that may have been made to individual panels during the design process. A separate report can be printed to give listings of all the timber sizes and quantities for the complete project.
Customised to suit your needs

When the Drawing Express Timber Frame system is installed, the system is set up to suit your methods of panel design, e.g. timber sizes, lintel type, joint methods, maximum and minimum panel lengths. These settings are then stored as the defaults for your system. In the unlikely event you require something different from the standard system, this can usually be facilitated very quickly and easily, due to the modular nature of the software, and our own experienced software engineers.
Developed by timber designers

The Drawing Express Timber Frame module has been developed with the assistance of leading Timber Frame designers, and manufacturing companies. The Trial Systems project leader is a qualified production engineer, rather than a software technician. This gives a very practical and flexible approach to the way the system works. We believe the way you operate the system is far more important than the technical aspects of the software programming.