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Landscape Express is our brand new CAD software that has evolved from the proven 'Drawing Express' system but tailored specifically for landscape architects & garden designers.

The system is easy to use because all of the commands are in front of you on the tablet instead of the complicated multi level drop-down menu's used by most other systems. Thus enabling drawings to be produced more naturally similar to using a pen & paper.
Drawing Express automated commands example
Landscape Express example 1
Drawing & design ability is far more important than computer experience to be able to make Landscape Express productive, in fact after only a few hours training you will be capable of completing complex projects.

  • Compatible with industry standard file exchange- DWG / DXF file format. Users can also create PDF copies of their drawings and be fully compliant with the Planning Portal to submit online drawing work. Online mapping services can also be used to import OS maps or survey data.

  • Images can be loaded onto drawings and used as part of a drawing sheet or even traced over if necessary.

  • Altering drawings can be done in a fraction of the time compared to a drawing board. Sheet size and drawing scales can be changed in seconds.
  • Landscape Express example 2

  • Phantoms- even if you delete an item off your drawing and decide you need it back much later on, you can recall deleted items back onto the drawing.

  • Hatches and area fills are included with included custom created 'hatch-patterns'.

  • Often drawings created using a CAD package have a sterile look to them as the expression on the drawn lines is lost. Landscape Express utilises a few techniques to bring the user a solution to this. Lines are drawn with different 'pens' of varying thickness, emulating the way you would work on the drawing board. Also there is the option to 'doodle' the drawing, which modifies the lines to give them a 'hand-drawn' look which can be specifically tailored with cross corners, sketched or even broken lines. These are two of the many features users can utilise the convenience of a CAD solution without their draughting skills being lost on the look and feel of the end result.
  • Optional Modules

  • 3D - this module allows you to create photo realistic three-dimensional models with semi automatic commands.

  • Architectural Module - includes Cavity walls, Stud walls, Section commands, Roof tiles, Stairs, Beam & block floor, Single, double & bi-folding doors, Bay windows, Door/Window combinations, Garage doors, Window & Roof scheduling, Electrical symbols, Beam sections and Quoins.

  • Productivity Package - includes over 200 more commands to enhance productivity.

  • Symbol Library - includes over 5000 symbols to enhance drawings.
  • Landscape Express example 3