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Creating hard and soft landscape drawings has never been easier than with Landscape Express. Computer experience isn't necessary, as you will find that Landscape Express makes the move from drawing board quicker and simpler than you imagine. After just 2 days training you will be producing your own drawings. Landscape Express will allow the user to create any type of landscape drawing complete with planting and costing reports with the minimum of effort, whether you are starting with a clean sheet or overlaying on to existing CAD drawings.
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Landscape Express Workstation
Plant Database

Build up your drawings from initial conception to fully detailed landscape designs incorporating automated plant reports and costing. Utilise our landscape database, which is based on N.P.S. (National Planting Specification™), with the ability to work with over 1400 species native to our climate. Then transfer all relevant information between Landscape Express and other programmes or spreadsheet packages. As a user you will have the ability to select and amend such information as age, height, root, girth and density on each plant.
Designed By Landscapers

Feel at ease using software that has been developed along side landscape designers, working on a variety of projects from domestic garden layouts to larger ‘award winning’ commercial schemes.
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Plant Reports.

Create automated plant reports straight from the drawing. Then modify existing drawings and the plant reports update automatically. Choose from a wide range of tree and shrub landscaping symbols or create your own individual details for a more personal touch.