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Drawing Express can now be used on a smaller tablet! This comes without sacrificing any of the commands available to the user, meaning that the full Drawing Express system is still available. This utilizes a smaller, lighter, more portable tablet, (Wacom Intuos M). At a size of 10.8" x 8.7" x 0.4" this tablet could be used where space is limited and can be easily carried around in a laptop bag. You could take your Drawing Express system out and about with you, use it at home, on-site or anywhere you want.
Drawing Express Small Image 1
Drawing Express Small Image 2
How it works
With Drawing Express 2019 and future versions of the software, the ability to use a small tablet is already built in so if you are using the latest version of the software you are already half-way there. The tablet overlay has not been scaled down, instead the main commands are on the overlay with the lesser used commands combined into submenus. These commands are displayed via a representation on-screen, which disappears when you pick the necessary command you require. This means you still keep the screen clear of any 'drop-down' menus that get in the way and cut down the amount of available screen space for your drawing.
We take the tablet and apply a translucent cover sheet to the surface, so the Drawing Express overlay can be utilized in the same way as the larger Drawing Express standard tablet.

The smaller tablet comes with a wireless pen, pen holder, a set of replacement nibs, nib removal tool and a 'breakaway' USB cable, (detaches from the tablet for easy storage and transportation).
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