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Drawing Express - Product Page Drawing Express - Product Page
No Computer Aided Design system is easier to use than Drawing Express. Even if you have no prior experience of computers, you’ll find that the transition to Drawing Express from drawing board or your existing CAD system is simpler than you ever thought possible. Drawing Express takes basic draughting skills and applies them to a computer-based system. Don't worry, you don’t need any computer experience at all to be up and running with Drawing Express with just a few hours training. Contact us today to arrange a free no obligation demonstration or to attend a regional 'hands-on' seminar.
Drawing Express Screenshot 1
Drawing Express Example Drawing
As easy as using a pen

Basically, you set out your design with various construction commands that are selected using an electronic pen on a digitiser menu. These commands create lines equivalent to the feint pencil lines you’d draw by hand. You then ink in the design over the top. Using this method, you can create even the most complex designs quickly and easily. Unlike mouse-driven CAD systems, there are no complicated menu structures to learn; instead, with one press of the pen, you select the command you want directly from a colour-coded area of the digitiser menu.
Saves Time, Saves Money

What’s more, you can enter a wide range of projects into Drawing Express such as barn conversions where every line is out of square. Drawing Express is equally at home entering multi-million pound projects such as football stadiums, and what’s more, it will handle the project faster and more accurately than using a drawing board. All this means you can get more done in the working day and that means you save money too.
Drawing Express System
The Personal Touch

One of the main criticisms of other CAD systems is that they produce mechanical, sterile looking drawings that lack personal character. Not so with Drawing Express. We’ve built in a command that will automatically turn a straight-lined CAD drawing into a sketch to give the character and feel of a hand drawn drawing.