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At Trial Systems we recognise that although Drawing Express is packed with hundreds of standard drawing commands, the system may not have the precise functionality you require. To overcome this we can develop software productivity tools tailored to meet your precise requirements. This can be done in conjunction with your Three Month Trial, ensuring the system you purchase is the system you were promised.
Bespoke software example- flat roofing
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Special Applications

Our software can easily be customised to suit any application, either by the user or ourselves. If any task is repetitive the chances are Drawing Express can be programmed to undertake the actions in quicker and easier way. From within the drawing system we can access databases and send information to other systems. Applications already include – Cold Room design with full manufacturing information and main frame links, Stable and timber buildings with cutting information, Secondary sloping roofs with full production control, Specialist door manufacturer and Under floor heating to name but a few.
Bespoke software example- stables
Underfloor Heating

In-built module for Drawing Express which aids in designing water and electrical based systems. Automatic commands within Drawing Express create these systems. Cable lengths are automatically calculated and layouts can be modified. The under floor heating module allows you to design both water and electrical based systems. The layout of the pipe/cable is done using automatic commands within Drawing Express. Cable lengths are automatically calculated and layouts can be quickly modified if required.