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Drawing Express- our flagship software, is a CAD software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting. It is used primarily by architects and builders, but the tools and commands present on the system can be adopted for use by landscape designers, surveyors, civil and construction engineers. The software is based around a tablet and pen interface. A graphics tablet, pen and overlay are used to select, use and manipulate commands thus mimicking the draughtsman’s drawing board. This differs from the traditional CAD software ‘drop-down’ menu structures on-screen as the menu system is laid out in front of the user. Drawing Express was created to allow the user to create and amend drawings as quickly as possible.

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Landscape Express is our brand new CAD software that has evolved from the proven 'Drawing Express' system but tailored specifically for landscape architects & garden designers. Creating hard and soft landscape drawings has never been easier than with Landscape Express. The software will allow the user to create any type of landscape drawing complete with planting and costing reports with the minimum of effort, whether you are starting with a clean sheet or overlaying on to existing CAD drawings.

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In-built module for Drawing Express which produces panel detail drawings and cutting lists for timber frame buildings. The Drawing Express Timber Frame module has been developed with the assistance of leading Timber Frame designers, and manufacturing companies. The Trial Systems project leader is a qualified production engineer, rather than a software technician. This gives a very practical and flexible approach to the way the system works.

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Developing students know how of the industry has never been easier than with Drawing Express from Trial Systems. With only a few days tuition students will be able to concentrate on their work rather than worrying about learning complex CAD systems. Including Unlimited Student Licences making it more affordable for larger groups.

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At Trial Systems we recognise that although Drawing Express is packed with hundreds of standard drawing commands, the system may not have the precise functionality you require. To overcome this we can develop software productivity tools tailored to meet your precise requirements.