For more than 20 years, Trial Systems has been a software development, support and training company specialising in the field of computer aided draughting and design. The company is staffed by CAD professionals who understand your drawing needs.

We have a proven track record in the excellence of both our solutions and our service, and our broad client base covers all facets of the construction industry.

Trial Systems was formed in 1990 by original directors Peter Boyce and Steven Pearce, who still actively run the company today. Peter and Steven both came from a practical drawing background and latterly had CAD experience. The company was formed originally in Tamworth, Staffordshire with the concept of “Try before you buy” which at the time was a revolutionary concept with typical installations being over £10,000. They realised for a trial to work, you needed both a good system and then exceptional support. In the early days they sold a 3rd party system but realised with their ideas and experience they could develop a much better system that was built from the ground up around the usage of a tablet & pen to enable everybody to use CAD, hence Drawing Express was born.

In 2000 they moved to a purpose built office and training centre in Burton on Trent. Now in their third decade the philosophy is the same, with support being second to none- all members of staff are employed on the basis of draughting knowledge rather than computer expertise.

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